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Humane Skunk Removal

The skunk removal is a frustrating and time-consuming challenge. That’s because these little striped creatures are tenacious and relentless. Once they find an attractive property, skunks will try to come back over and over again. Skunks can live under a foundation, shed, patio, or deck.

These mammals are infamous for foul odor they emit when mating as well as when injured or frightened. The odor can remain in vents and on pets for months. Aside from producing a nasty smell, they can cause significant damage to landscaping and buildings. If a structure doesn’t have a foundation, skunks will build underground dens, causing weaknesses in the building – be it a porch, deck, or shed. Moreover, they often burrow or chew through siding and wood as well.

Keep reading to learn more about humane skunk removal.

Why Choose Our Humane Skunk Removal Service

  • Skunks can carry parasites and disease, so it’s best to call professionals to handle your removal issue.
  • Our wildlife removal strategies are safe, reliable, and humane.
  • From eviction to remediation, we provide full humane wildlife removal services.
  • We offer long-term solutions for skunk problems.

Despite the fact that skunks aren’t aggressive, professional removal is required because it’s hard to know if an animal has rabies. As you may know, rabies can be transmitted from the infected animal to pets and humans.

Why Choose Our Humane Skunk Removal Service

Humane Skunk Removal Process


First of all, it is necessary to identify the entry points. Skunks can be found below decks, sheds, porches, and other structures thanks to their exceptional digging ability. To remove a skunk from your property, you should find its den first. However, you may have a hard time accessing a den. These burrowing animals make their holes and underground dens all over the place. 

If we find excavated areas or abandoned holes that might serve as a skunk den, we will fill in them with loose dirt and keep an eye on what happens over the next few days. If the hole is reopened and the dirt is gone, it is very likely that you have a skunk. In addition to identifying problem areas, our experienced wildlife removal technicians will also point out areas that are likely to be inhabited by skunks.


At this phase, we will deal with the mess that dead animals left behind. This involves safe disposal and biohazard cleanup with special biological cleaners. The goal is to make your home free of odor, urine, hair, food waste, and droppings. We offer deodorization and decontamination services with the aim of eliminating any biohazards and odor.

Regardless of the species and size of the animal, we will locate and dispose of a dead animal for you quickly and safely. Be it a bat, bird, raccoon, rat, mouse, skunk, or squirrel, our team will conduct a humane removal at your request. 

If you have encountered a dead animal under your deck, in your attic, basement, backyard, walls, or elsewhere in your business property or home, give us a call us as soon as you can. We will solve your wildlife problem and meet all your wildlife removal needs.

Clearing and Cleaning

Just as with other wildlife removal services we offer, any contaminated material must be cleaned thoroughly upon animal removal. This will reduce health risks and keep your home a safe place for your family. Depending on the contamination severity, we will choose the most effective cleaning solution.


Just because the skunks are evicted from your home doesn’t mean they will not come back one day. That said, it is imperative to take some measures that will prevent a future skunk intrusion. After removal, our team will seal any entry points and bury heavy-gauge security screens to protect potential openings. Additionally, we will also deter other skunks from entering your property by deodorizing the surrounding areas.

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