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Hamilton Wildlife Removal

If you live in Hamilton or in the surrounding area of the city, chances are you have had some run-ins with wildlife in nature, and perhaps inside of your home as well. Wild animals are unpredictable – you never know when you might have to deal with them, and most people don’t know how to go about it. Many of these animals not only pose significant health risks to both people and their pets but can also claw and bite their way into big-time trouble to damage homes without thinking twice.

When you call upon a wildlife removal company to remedy your, your family, and your home’s needs – you want professionals to arrive as fast as possible to take care of business. Our removal technicians are provided with the best tools and equipment to handle any type of animal situation. They are also thoroughly trained so that they can effectively take wild animals out of homes and safely release them back into nature. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and everything we do follows industry protocol and best practices.

Hamilton Wildlife Removal

In addition to removing wildlife from homes, we also take preventative measures so that animals can’t enter a home and have to look elsewhere for a living environment. 

We feel very fulfilled and uplifted knowing that our customer’s homes are safe and secure from wildlife, and every time our phone rings we are eager to bring our expertise to the next home in need.

We Specialize In Dealing With Lots of Local Wildlife

We are a full-service humane wildlife removal company and have dealt with all kinds of animals in order to restore our customer’s homes back to normal – we briefly outline them below.

Skunks sort of have a bad reputation due to their stinky nature, and people are legitimately afraid of getting sprayed or their pets getting sprayed. They can cause terrible damage to a home, and can also carry rabies.

Raccoons can be downright vicious animals and use their strong bodies to badly damage homes in a short period of time. These garbage eating menaces can carry rabies, and properly trained removal specialists should be called upon to deal with them.

Squirrels are fun to watch scurry around, but only when they are outside and not inside of your home. Small but mighty, these pests can inflict a lot of damage to homes and can affect the health of both humans and pets. 

Bats are protected animals in the province of Ontario and need to be handled in a careful way. They can cause damage to homes, and can seriously hurt the health of residents and pets. 

Bird feathers, poop, and nests are all messy byproducts they manufacture. They can be hard to catch and can impact the health of anyone living in a home. 

Rats and Mice

When a rat or mouse is seen, the obvious thing to do is to get on a chair and scream for help – if your phone is handy give us a call so we can “rescue” you. These rodents can gain easy access to almost any home, and if they aren’t caught in a timely manner can multiply in a real hurry and create a huge problem to deal with.

Service Locations

Our team responds to wildlife removal requests from Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown, and the surrounding communities.